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Women are Rising.......Join the Movement

Are you looking for:



Speaking your Truth

Time and Space to reflect

Inspiration & Growth


Support & Supporting other Women

Other interesting and amazing women

Join the age-old practice of women gathering and the beauty, magic, power, and change possible!  

Come remember your voice and your vibrancy.

That we are not enemies.  

Be seen and be heard.  

Time is up. 

The time is now!  

~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

Online Women’s group

*Space limited to maintain a small, intimate group*

Thursdays, 5pm-7pm (MST)

(If you’re interested but can’t join at this time, let me know as there will be other options in the future). 


September 13th - October 18th

6 Weeks 

3 hours/week (2 with group and ~1 hour encouraged for reflection, connection, and exercises)



Anyone who feels the tickle and inspiration to join and identifies as woman


You can join from wherever you are--thank you technology!

Join the video platform from a phone, tablet, or computer and will need internet connection, audio, and a quiet space.

*This is not a therapy group*

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