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My approach in working with children can include: play, movement, creative arts, EMDR for Trauma, and parent education and coaching. In addition, integrative healing approaches for those interested. 

These methods are used to learn and practice: healthy emotional expression, emotional regulation, increase confidence, gain social skills for meaningful connection, and process trauma, hard experiences, or changes in a child’s life. We get to the underlying root of behavior ‘problems’ and empower both child and family for a more satisfying experience all around! 


My degree and experience in early childhood development and education greatly informs my work with children and families. I love working with children, as there is so much potential, and it is worth every penny as it literally impacts their brain, body, and psyche immediately.  Support at these young ages goes a long way in creating a strong foundation for subsequent development, and can impact the rest of their lives!   


My approach in working with teens can include: traditional talking and processing, creative arts, music, movement, visualization, EMDR for trauma, problem solving, parent education and coaching, and family therapy when needed. In addition, integrative healing approaches for those interested. 

These methods are used to explore and increase: self-esteem, meaning and direction, positive peer and family relationships, healthy coping skills and expression, emotional regulation, self-discovery, self-confidence and more.  

I love working with teens, as it can be a difficult time of development and change, and many big questions are being explored such as: Who am I? Where do I belong?  What do I want to do in life? What do I like and what do I need?  How do I create meaningful relationships? How do I cope with everything? 

My experience as a mentor and life skills counselor greatly inform my work with teens in building strong trust and relationships and the ability to navigate practical skills as well as emotional terrain. As teens are individuating from parents and family, it’s important for them to have other positive, supportive adults in their lives during this time. It is a non-judgmental, safe space where they can share their feelings and experiences uncensored and explore big questions together! 


My approach in working with adults can include: traditional talking and processing, EMDR for trauma, creative arts therapy, music, movement, visualization, metaphor, and education. In addition, integrative healing approaches for those interested. 


These methods are used to support clients increase: confidence, empowerment, healthy choices and take meaningful steps toward what you care about and value in your life.  

*Resolve the impact of past trauma in your present life, and in turn feel lighter and free! 

*Advocate for yourself by identifying your needs/wants and taking action

*Learn how to practice healthy boundaries 

*Uncover, challenge and shift limiting stories and beliefs 

*Feel more joy, peace, connection

Body-Centered Counseling

I am passionate about tending to a person’s complex entirety—the whole person.  For me this means being attentive to and acknowledging the interconnection between biological, social, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects.  I see learning, growth, and change as requiring experiences, integration, discussion, and embodiment.


I have a creative approach to therapy; using what is valid and useful from many different areas to fit the specific needs of the client.  I believe in the clients’ potential for growth and healing in an atmosphere and therapeutic relationship which is authentic, caring, sensitive, consistent, and non-judgmental.


Somatic Psychotherapy works with the immediate present, felt-sense, working to directly touch into and access issues at their core.  Specifically, Dance/Movement Therapy serves to connect, align, and explore the relationship between body, mind, and spirit.  It is based upon the understanding that the body and mind are not separate entities, but rather intelligently and intricately woven expressions of our whole self.  Inherent in this approach is the understanding that all of our experiences are filtered and experienced through our bodies.  Therefore, our bodies contain a storehouse and wealth of information that is available at any moment.  Dance/Movement Therapy provides critical non-verbal approaches and interventions, which have the ability to move, heal and integrate unconscious material. 


My programs and services support children, adolescents, adults, groups, and couples in re-creating a positive and powerful relationship with their own bodies.  Through respect, awareness, and gentleness individuals can regain a sense of trust and joy in the innate wisdom and knowledge of their body. 


Movement, mindfulness, and play will be used to create space and freedom for informed and expanded choices and actions.  Dance/Movement Therapy helps to integrate inner wisdom and knowing with outer life, action and understanding—cultivating creativity, freedom, wildness, expansiveness, and expression of one’s full, multi-dimensional, and incredibly complex self.   

** Telehealth openings **
Insurance In-Network:
CO:  Aetna, Optum (United Healthcare+), Medicaid (CCHA & RMHP) 
MN: Aetna, Optum (United Healthcare+)
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